Who Is Raw G? | Organic Wheat Grass & Hazelnut Spreads

At RawG we are passionate about helping you improve your health and lifestyle through our organic products

I first began to research wheatgrass when I fell ill some years ago. After suffering from constipation and not being able to move my bowels for 6 days I ended up in hospital from extreme abdominal pain and a very high fever. Following several tests I was informed that I had a serious case of diverticulosis (inflammation of abnormal pouches in the bowel wall). 

Doctors advised me that I had to undergo surgery to remove the pouches and have a colostomy bag fitted to me for approximately 12 months following the surgery. To avoid the difficult and long recovery period I began researching other treatment options. My research led me to believe that wheatgrass juice could help me recover from this illness.

I began consuming 30ml in the morning on an empty stomach and 30ml in the late afternoon. I soon noticed a change in my bowel movements as well as other benefits like clearer skin and higher energy levels. It wasn’t long before I fully recovered and nicknamed wheatgrass ‘my liquid gold’. 

Even though I made a full recovery I continued to drink wheatgrass daily to better my overall health. It wasn’t long before I began growing my own wheatgrass using organic seeds and compost and juicing it in a cold press masticating juicer to ensure I got the full benefits. 

Fascinated by my experience, many of my family and friends also began drinking wheatgrass and they too soon realised the benefits. It brought me so much joy seeing others benefit from drinking wheatgrass that I decided to establish RawG – a company passionate about improving the health and lifestyle of others. 

At RawG, our mission is to educate the community on the benefits of wheatgrass and ensure we provide every customer with 100% organic wheatgrass juice with the highest levels of nutrients and minerals. There are no shortcuts taken at RawG, our wheatgrass is grown per customer and delivered to your door freshly juiced giving you a week’s supply.

Since we began this journey we have helped many people achieve their goals and better their health. We also have a wide range of our wheatgrass , from frozen 30ml tubs , to 350ml ice cube bags for smoothies and of course bottled 210ml of freshly juiced wheat grass .Read the information below to learn about why and how you can also benefit from drinking wheatgrass juice. 

Why do we need to drink Organic Wheat Grass Juice Daily?

Due to the environmental toxicity and nutrient deficiencies that we are all facing today, there has never been a greater need to purify our blood and strengthen our nervous system. And there’s nothing that helps us do this better then wheatgrass juice.

Now lets examine why…………

Phyto-chemicals are chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants and they have been shown to help prevent and reverse disease and pre mature ageing. 

Now over the past several decades the scientific community has conducted literally thousands of studies showing how phyto chemicals can destroy every form of cancer virus and bacteria they researched. Wheatgrass juice provides the most complete and concentrated source of theses phyto chemicals. In fact NO FOOD comes even close to the nutritional profile of wheatgrass juice.

Now we all remember the periodic table, this is a table of all the elements that serve as the building blocks to all things on earth. If u can see it, feel it, touch it, drink it, eat it, breath it, or pick it up its made up of elements from the periodic table. There are 118 elements that have been discovered, 98 of which are naturally accruing and wheatgrass juice contains and INCREDIBLE 96 of the elements from the table. Wheatgrass is also an amazing (complete) protein, providing all the essential amino acids as well as 92 of the possible 102 trace minerals that are recognised to be available in plants. Simply put its liquid gold. 

So know you begin to understand the importance of wheatgrass juice, especially if you are fighting disease. Phyto chemicals work to destroy disease, while the complete nutritional profile of wheatgrass allows your body to rebuild healthy cells. These are the cells that make up your skin, bones, blood and organs. So were killing the bad cells and building good cells, that’s how we fight disease, that’s how we stay healthy, and that’s how we stay and feel young.

The Importance of Enzymes found in our Organic Wheat Grass Juice & Hazelnut Spreads

Wheatgrass juice is a rich source of enzymes. All of our tissues, muscles, bones, organs and cells are run by enzymes.

Enzymes are required for all the bio chemical reactions that take place in our body, whether you need to heal a cut finger, loose a few pounds, breath, eat, drink swallow, digest food or produce energy, you need enzymes to do the work. Enzymes have another important function that often gets over looked .We have all heard about free radical damage and how it’s linked to every major disease as well as ageing. Enzymes help to prevent this damage, and how they do this is by creating a bio electrical shield around each of our cells and this electric shield protects the cell from free radicals so that we don’t get sick and we don’t age prematurely .If you eat cooked food on a regular basis your body is going to be depleted of enzymes and to refuel you need to turn to raw living foods and nothing is more potent then wheatgrass juice. Hormones are the bodies messaging system that our cells use to communicate to one another .Our endocrine system produces these hormones. One way to ensure that we have a sufficient and balanced amount of hormones is to also ingest them by consuming raw plant based foods none richer then wheatgrass juice .If our body begins to lack proper hormonal balance, cells loose the ability to communicate and then begin to start acting independently, and we don’t want our cells wandering around independently and do waterer they feel like doing because this begins disease, and that’s a recipe for cancer.

Wheatgrass juice is also known as the greatest source of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll converts the suns energy into a form that plants humans and animals can use. 

NO plant can capture as much of the suns energy as the grasses do .So when we drink wheatgrass juice we are essentially consuming the same life force in nature that turns everything green in spring, which is truly incredible. The molecular structure of chlorophyll, which is the blood of the plant, is almost identical to human red blood cells and according to scientists this could be the reason why wheat grass juice has the ability to build our blood and enhance its capacity to carry oxygen and nutrients to every cell of the body.

Finally nothing is as full spectrum or as potent as wheatgrass juice for:

  • How it purifies our blood 
  • How it kills harmful bacteria viruses, while helping to build healthy cells 
  • How it provides us with real energy 
  • How it speeds up detoxification 
  • How it regenerates the liver 
  • How it rids our body of toxins including helping to flush away the man made chemicals and drug deposits found buried deep in our tissues 
  • How it minimises damage caused by radiation 
  • How it relieves constipation 
  • How it helps to lower blood pressure and control blood sugar.

And ultimately for all of the above leads to a strengthened immune system. That’s our no 1 defence against any disease.  Our immune system is our army of soldiers that fight each and every day to protect us from health problems. Due to environmental toxicity and nutrient deficiency that we are facing today this army is tired and not well fed, which opens the door for disease.

So the need to consume wheatgrass juice on a daily basis to build our immune system has never been greater.

We recommend everyone take 30ml of wheatgrass juice per day for health maintenance and 60ml twice a day when fighting disease.

Why Use Raw G’s Organic Wheat Grass Juice?

At RawG we specialise in supplying 100% organic wheatgrass juice

Organic wheatgrass is the best source of living chlorophyll. It is also a complete protein that is packed with Vitamins B, C, E and Carotene as well as 90 Minerals and 19 Amino Acids! Wheatgrass juice contains and INCREDIBLE 96 of the elements from the periodic table. Providing all the essential amino acids as well as 92 of the possible 102 trace minerals that are recognised to be available in plants.

What does all this mean? It means organic Wheatgrass has a whole heap of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Increases energy levels
  • Boosts immune system
  • Helps in the treatment and prevention of cancer and blood sugar disorders
  • Alkalines the body
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Acts as a potent detoxifier
  • Improves bowel movement and digestion
  • Acts as an anti inflammatory
  • Clears skin and reduces body odour
  • Slows down aging process

One 30ml shot of organic Wheatgrass alone is equivalent to the benefits you would get from eating 1kg of vegetables!

What differentiates our Wheatgrass?

  • Organic seeds
  • Juiced using a cold press masticating juicer – ensuring you get the full benefits and nutrients
  • Only supplier of freshly juiced Wheatgrass delivered to your door
  • We offer juice combos (Wheatgrass with kiwi fruit or pear)
  • We offer 30ml frozen shots
  • We offer 350ml ice cube bag for smoothies

Some of our other products include:

  • Protein powder – certified biofermented brown rice protein (available in 3 flavours)
  • Organic protein balls (available in a variety of flavours)
  • Personalised 12 week training and eating plans

To find out more about the benefits of organic Wheatgrass juice and how you can get your daily dose delivered to your door weekly, Visit our online store.


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