100% Organic Wheat Grass Juice

//100% Organic Wheat Grass Juice
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100% Organic Wheat Grass Juice

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Our Organic Wheat Grass Juice comes ready to drink

It's time to start reaping the health benefits of Organic Wheat Grass Juice and see why the world is finally understanding this Superfood and all that it can do for you.

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Product Description

So Why should we drink Organic Wheat Grass Juice?

Wheatgrass juice is nature’s finest medicine. It is a powerful concentrated liquid nutrient. Two ounces of wheatgrass juice has the nutritional equivalent of five pounds of the best raw organic vegetables. For example, wheatgrass has twice the amount of Vitamin A as carrots and is higher in Vitamin C than oranges!

What are the key benefits of Organic Wheat Grass Juice?

It contains the full spectrum of B vitamins, as well as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium in a balanced ratio.

Wheatgrass is a complete source of protein, supplying all of the essential amino acids, and more. It has about 20% of total calories coming from protein. This protein is in the form of poly peptides, simpler and shorter chains of amino acids that the body uses more efficiently in the blood stream and tissues.

In addition to flooding the body with therapeutic dosages of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients, wheatgrass is also a powerful detoxifier, especially of the liver and blood. It helps neutralize toxins and environmental pollutants in the body.
This is because Wheatgrass contains beneficial enzymes that help protect us from carcinogens, including Superoxide Disumates (SOD), that lessens the effects of radiation and digest toxins in the body. It cleanses the body from head to toe of any heavy metals, pollutants and other toxins that may be stored in the body’s tissues and organs.

Our wheat grass juice comes bottled and is ready to drink just make sure you keep it refrigerated.

* Please Note *

Our wheatgrass juice gets delivered every Wednesday & each order is grown & juiced per customer. Therefore it usually takes one week to recieve your order & any cancellation will require one weeks notice

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Available Flavours:

Natural, Wheat Grass & Pear, Wheat Grass & Apple, Wheat Grass & Alfafa Sprout